Video Marketing Portland Oregon

Keyword Targeted Video Marketing, Portland, Oregon – Chances are, if you live in the Portland area, you’ve probably already seen one of our video campaigns. We optimize many videos to place on the first page of Google for selected keyword phrases and categories. This type of marketing has a nearly unbelievable ROI. Our basic package comprises of using images and short video that you supply to build a short 30 second to 3 minute video about your business. We then optimize the video, and submit it to YouTube for you. Depending on the keyword competition, you normally have a 45% chance of your video being seen on the first page of Google.

With a little help from our friends. Want to increase your odds? We can help. For a little more, we can perform a little VSEO (Video Search Engine Optimization) magic on your video(s). This will normally increase you chances from 80 to 95%. We do guarantee this extra service and will gladly give a 100% refund for that month if the video does not achieve first page status for your keywords at least 15 days out of that month.

We do video marketing, from short 10 to 30 second videos to videos of your business or office, to full blown viral video. Whether you choose our economical video package that targets local keywords and phrases to show up on the first page of Google, or you go for a full blown viral video campaign , you will be impressed. Here’s just a few of our Video Marketing services we offer:

Keyword Targeted Video Marketing – Chances are, if you live in the Portland area, you’ve probably already seen one of our video campaigns. We optimize videos to place on the first page of Google for selected keyword phrases and categories. This type of marketing starts at less than $50. and normally has a nearly unbelievable ROI.
Local Business Videos. Normally we focus on professional services such as, dentists, realtors, chriropractors, massage therapists, contractors but we also handle small businesses, such as Copier Repair Service, florists, auto dealerships, repair shops, and much more. Our Videographer will normally shoot video at your business either with your business backdrop or with a green screen. This is fantastic especially if you’re wanting to project that you’re a larger company than you really are.
Video Marketing Campaigns. Drive tens of thousands of visitors to your site quickly. Sometimes within the week. Again, this has a very high ROI because you can set it and then forget it. We shoot 5 to 10 videos that are tied together so they tell a story. We seed the internet with short 10 to 30 second videos that lead to other videos about your business. Normally Video will increase your conversions on average approximately 20%, with our Video Marketing Campaigns, you can easily see conversions of 60% or more. This will normally continue to drive customers and clients for years to come. Huge ROI!
Local Viral Video. This is video that actually goes viral on a local level. We’re not talking about 8 million views, but normally 20 to 50,000 views within 6 months is not uncommon. These can be very successful and again, continue to attract customers for years to come.
Global Viral Video. This is much harder and can get rather expensive. We charge monthly on these for a minimum of 12 months with a 100,000 views guarantee. Either supply your video or we create one for you.

Why Video?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock somewhere, you may have noticed a major shift going on with how we access and interface with the web. Social media sites like Facebook and YouTube get millions of hits per day. We don’t look for information as much anymore, as information looks for us. Since the introduction of the Iphone, Droid and Ipad, people are now watching more video than ever. Stuck in the car? YouTube. Visiting Starbucks? Facebook. People are using the web more and more every day. And this is nothing. Just give it another 5 years and you’ll really be amazed.

Remember in the 90’s when a cheap computer was two grand? When keeping tabs on your old classmates meant paying for and finding out that you only had access to 8 people in your class of 400?

Then came the Millenium, cheap computers for only $800., a thing called WiFi, online Forums and MySpace, the start of the Internet buying and marketing revolution.

Come to present day, 2014. Tablets, Netbooks, Ipads, Droids, Iphones, Kindles, Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, YouTube. More people shop online than shop in stores, hard cover books are considered passe’ by the new generation, phone books and newspapers are already relics of the past.

Fast Forward to 2015. You pull out your phone, scan a code and your phone pulls up all the data and video about that product. Why video? Have you ever tried to read more than a sentence or two of type on a phone? You pull out your tablet and watch videos on YouTube to past the time while waiting for your car to be serviced. STOP! This isn’t 2015. This is today. Google Googles, bar code scanners, QR codes (those little black squares you seen on Google Places and on the front window of businesses), all of these are products that are gaining ground right now. HEADUP for blogs, picks out relevant keywords, and searches for information and video related to the keywords. VIDEO IS NOW! VIDEO IS HERE TO STAY!