Viral Video Portland, Oregon

Local Viral Video. This is video that actually goes viral on a local level. We’re not talking about 8 million views, but normally 20 to 50,000 views within 6 months is not uncommon. These can be very successful and again, continue to attract customers for years to come. This is our specialty. We take parts of your business and build a Viral Video around it. Most are funny, definitely entertaining, sometimes cute, and once in a while, just downright informative. Chances are, if you watch videos on YouTube, you’ve probably seen some of our local viral videos already.

Most people think…. “How do they get so many views, my baby is ten times funnier and cuter than that baby and she has 14 views where that ugly baby has 140,000 views”. You can have the most viral video content around, and not get a single view. Many of the “Viral Videos” you see on YouTube aren’t as “VIRAL” as you may be lead to believe. We’re like Ninjas. Hire us for your clandestine marketing. We use special software, SEO, VSEO, Seeding, Blogs, News sources and more to make your video move. Paying for TV advertising? STOP THE TV INSANITY! For what you’re paying for that one ad to be in front of 5,000 local people one time, we can probably Get you 20,000 local views and…. (wait for it)….. People can continuously watch it over and over AND it will run for YEARS! Plus we turn it into a lead generation machine. Call us and ask for Ken. He’ll blow your mind.